I’m taking a break for tumblr. I’m tired of all the hate, shipping war and all these stuffs

To all the people who are sending hate or people who just looooove to fight for a ship: just go fuck yourself, im so tired of you.
Usually, I just shut my face but now it’s too much, I received hate all the day because I said that this whole fight is stupid.. Who are you!? Are you a 12 years old child or are you an adult !? Because most of the time, you act like a baby.

We are here on this fandom because 3 amazing girls has changed our life. This fandom has changed my life but now it’s just insane and not good..

So yeah, I’m leaving. I’ll be back maybe in August.. Good job stupid anons, you won this round

Gifs are already scheduled for the week end, they’ll be post but I won’t be in Tumblr anymore